Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Tailoring Wisdom

I have started on a new phase in life: an internship in the parishes of the Westland region, a federation consisting of twelve churches. I still need some time to orient myself, so I cannot give you an impression at the moment, also because it is getting rather late. As it is time for the September blogpost, however, I will perform a desperate trick and pull an old poem out of the hat. Enjoy!

Tailoring wisdom

Voluminous billowing cloth that can embrace
all forms; sparkling in light of early morn;
true image of the folds of time and space –
the cloak of erudition lightly worn,
clasped and adorned with geometric gems
completed by a ruby at the heart,
vital eccentric centre. At the hems
seven dancing bells that resonate. In part
this intricate stitchment of energized human signs
seems like a yarn spun on the looms of God.
The chasubles, worn by our own divines,
present this cherubic aspect. Feet wing-shod
flutter beneath in ill-disguised employ:
a blessing on the gospellers of joy!

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