Sunday, 19 May 2013

Five Years Catholic

By the time this post goes up, I should be in Prague, happily hanging out with the Wegener sisters.

Five years ago, on Pentecost (11 May), I was received into the Catholic Church. To commemorate this happy occasion, I wrote a poem:

Theandric acts and sacramental seals
have beaconed me; the locus of right vision
unshaken in the world’s great woes and weals,
still strength in times of rapture and misprision.

Pellucid words brought from the deepest days,
freighted with wealth and in anointment spoken,
memorial and presence, gift and praise,
give substance to the sign, the Body broken.

Five years ago my skin could feel the calling
indelibly engraved upon my soul,
the hope that after many times of falling
and fruitless searches I might be made whole.

The bishop’s act was human and divine:
through it the Word acceded to the Sign.

Blessed Pentecost!

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