Sunday, 5 August 2012

Five Years

Sometimes we meet people who seem to us the bearers of an extraordinary value, unique and irresistible. I met someone like that five years ago, in a lagoon of life’s flow. From 1 to 5 August 2007, I had the pleasure of her company; afterwards I never saw her again, nor will, at least not on this earth. It is strange, and perhaps not entirely just, that we should be so permanently fascinated to people for whom our loving admiration remains untempered by knowledge and mild proximity. Yet these are windows onto a different aspect of our nature, one less easily glimpsed but more poignant.

Anyhow she has changed my life. I wrote a poem in her honour on the first of this month, but since it is still too young, I will share last year’s instead.

Goodbye to Diana

Four years ago, my new-sworn friend and I
Went separate ways; since we could not foretell
Our next rejoining, she had said ‘Farewell’
At last night’s hug and next-to-last goodbye.

I rose to sunder early in the day.
We drew together, had our photo taken,
When time drew us apart; and I, forsaken,
Called ‘See you’ as she turned and walked away.

Diana, friend, my thought has often leaned
Upon the slender column of our meeting,
And I recalled my ill-considered greeting
This year, on learning death had intervened.

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